Champ is a wry collection of earthy, dark allegories about love, death and horses. There is a playful defiance in these songs; a reckoning of lost battles and a Yukon-honed resilience punctuated by moments of unhindered joy.

Champ is spare and humble, balanced by warm harmonies and the low, dark folk-pop brew of Barlow on banjo and guitar, along with collaborator and co-producer Jordy Walker. A spontaneous and intimate energy is revealed in these recordings from the live, woody room at Old Crow Recording studio, in spite of, or maybe because of, the record-breaking cold snap during which the music was made.  (Released 2007, Jericho Beach Music.)

“It’s another flawless collection of shrewd observations and wry wit from Yukon-based singer-songwriter Kim Barlow. This time, the simplicity of Barlow’s down-to-earth vocals and folk instrumentation are embellished with glistening pop touches that linger in the ears.... With her agreeable, unaffected voice and sly sense of humour, Barlow’s fourth full-length disc warms the spirit like a cup of rum-spiked cocoa during a tundra cold snap.”
                    — Rachel Sanders, Exclaim!

“Singer-songwriter Kim Barlow’s latest album continues her strong collection with a gorgeous body of songs.... Definitely a winner.”
                    — Jason MacNeil, PopMatters Music Short Takes

“If you've liked the new-breed folk coming out of Canada in the last few years - championed by artists like Old Man Luedecke, Christine Fellows, and Baby Eagle, to name a few - then you are sure to love the new Kim Barlow album as well. Champ is also...appealing to the pop sensibilities of many, while retaining an earthy, natural style that is hopeful and fun.”
                    — The Argosy

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