Spring 2013

There's a great show coming up at the Arts Centre this weekend, to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  I should know - I was there. Twenty summers past, I came to the Yukon, and the scene in Whitehorse was pretty vibrant and the Arts Centre was just emerging from its bed of mud at the top of the cliff by the college. I found a cabin to share with a bunch of grubby kids across the river, and rode my bike up every day to volunteer at the gala opening. I learned how to coil cables, stage-manage, set mic-stands, and I got to know almost every musician and techie in town in those first few weeks. Eventually I got brave enough to get on the other side of the mics, and I'll be doing just that on Saturday to join in the nostalgia and revelry.  Show starts at 8pm, tickets are $27. 

On Good Friday, Blue Hibou will resume our Quiet Concerts at Well-Read Books, sharing the night with Jona Barr and his band Old Cabin. Jona is one of the Yukon's great emerging songwriting talents, and his band puts together beautiful arrangements in a sweet indie style. Two weeks after that we'll have a gentle version of Soir de Semaine, followed by francophone songstress Virginie Hamel on April 19. Shows start at 8pm, pay what you can. Coffee and tea. These shows have been wonderfully intimate and fun - the bookstore is a great listening room. We look forward to playing for you there.

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